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Creator Adrian Devane and BB Bear

Adrian is married to Karen. They live in Moycullen Co. Galway and two daughters, 6 year old Robyn and 2 year old Romy.

After an idea in 2007 to create a bear, merchandise, books and an animation series for children to learn Irish, Adrian and his wife Karen set Bábógbaby up in early 2009 to provide tools and toys for toddlers, children and parents to learn those first few words in Irish, English, Welsh and Scots Gaelic.

Adrian has 14 years experience as a film producer and has worked on feature films, TV drama, animations, commercials and music videos.

He along with his wife and designers created the branding, website and teaching teddybears that will help promote and encourage the different languages to be spoken at an early age.

Bábógbaby plans don’t just stop at bears as there is animation series called BB agus Bella out in December 2013 on TG4 and a book out in November 2013 with Karen also writing the stories for new works for books and Animation in other languages. 2014 sees the launch of the Spanish, German and French BB bears.