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Order your Irish or Welsh BB bear please allow 5-7 working days for delivery once dispatched (Within Ireland) and 7-12 working days for delivery elsewhere. Our language learning teddybears are only €29.99 plus postage and packaging and have 3xAA batteries included. To help us with the postal deliveries please ensure that you include a contact telephone number on your order for receiver of the goods.Read more

About Interactive BB Bear

BB is the world’s first Irish Speaking toy and the first of the Bábógbaby products. This interactive tool enables you and your child to interact with BB, the Irish speaking teddy. BB has 33 words to teach your child – numbers, colours and shapes. The quality of the sound on your computer for the interactive BB may differ to the sound on your actual BB bear due to the difference in quality of speakers used. The Interactive Irish, Welsh, English and Scots Gaelic bear is now live.


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Early Language Learning

Studies have shown that encouraging children to learn a new language while young has helped them with their future learning potential. We believe that learning a new language while young, should be fun, that’s why we created BB to help your young child in learning Irish, English, Welsh and Scots Gaelic.

BB is the first product in the range of our educational tools. October 2015 saw the launch of an animation series based on BB and it’s friends called “BB agus Bella” on DVD. 2016 brought our first book “BB sa Leabharlann”.

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